Vacuum Formed DomeDomes and Hemispheres

Tubro is a specialty manufacturer of exceptional quality domes, hemispheres and spheres. We can form the domes in any color acrylic from three inches through thirty inches in diameter.

How We Do It

We make our domes and hemispheres using very high quality cast acrylic sheet.  First, we heat the blanks for several hours at high temperatures.  The heated blanks are placed on the blowing tool which uses only air pressure to form the dome.  The hemispheres are free blown to assure maximum optical clarity.   After the hemispheres are blown we clean and polish them.  We can cement two hemispheres together to create a sphere. We have screening capabilities to customize each dome.

In 2012, the TuBro Company, Inc acquired one of the world’s finest dome, hemisphere and sphere manufacturers and distributors of the past 25 years.  TuBro acquired their specialty equipment and retained their highly-experienced personnel. “This acquisition will fit seamlessly into our full-service custom plastic fabrication facility,” states Kevin R. Gift Sr. CEO of the TuBro Company Inc. “Our mission of providing high quality custom plastic products in a cost effective and timely manner will be enhanced with this acquisition.”

The TuBro Company Inc. is a full-service custom plastic fabricator that has been a leader in the fabrication of custom display cubes and point of sale displays for the past 35 years.

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clear hemisphere domeopaque white sphereclear sphereclear dome hemisphere housing