Plastic and Acrylic Tanks

From one gallon to 500 gallons, TuBro can handle your specific tank order. Since we make no standard products, your special requirements are fulfilled with routine efficiency.

TuBro is a full-service plastic tank manufacturer with the ingenuity to turn your idea into a convenient custom unit. We’ll assist your engineers in the development of the ideal design for your unique application, then carry it through with high-quality efficient fabrication, to help you start saving time and money right away.

Custom Designed to meet any production requirement.

Specialty syrup tankAny size

From one gallon to 500 gallons. Read about one of our special orders for a large-scale syrup tank for scientific research.

Specialty tankAny configuration

Square, rectangular, or unusual shapes; with bracing, plastic, weldments, valves, and pipe fittings … we can build in any style you can dream up.

Specialty tankAll-welded construction

All of our tanks, either PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Halar® and PVDF are fully seal-welded. Filler materials used in all welding processes conform to base materials for reliable integrity.

welded tankThoroughly leak-tested

Prior to shipment, each of our tanks is completely tested – not on a random sampling basis, but individually. This ensures that every tank that leaves our shop is ready for top performance.


TuBro Co. specializes in Plastic Fabrication, Plastic Welding, CNC Routing, Vacuum forming, Thermoforming, Machining & Engraving. Materials that we use include Acrylic, PVC, Polypropylene, Kydex, Halar, PVDF, Lexan, ABS, PETG, Styrene, UHMW, HDPE, Static Dissipative and Conductive materials as well as many others.