CNC Routing

TuBro can machine your most complex designs with reliable precision using advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. Our Computer Integration Manufacturing (CIM) program provides 100% accurate repeatability for consistent product quality.

Through digitized entry and engineering, we can develop your designs to maximize manufacturing efficiency.

Increases uniformity • Improves quality
Simplifies engineering • Reduces lead time

Computerized design capabilities also enable us to receive your engineering in-put through CAD software. Designs can then be developed prior to production or altered midstream, if necessary.

Through the speed and precision of our CIM program, we are able to fine-tune each design prior to production and then produce your product with reliable quality.

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TuBro specializes in Plastic Fabrication, Welding, CNC Routing, Vacuum forming and Thermoforming and Machining & Engraving.

Visit our materials page for a list of some of the materials we work with.