Custom designed to meet any production requirement, TuBro parts and assemblies are manufactured for strength, appearance and outstanding performance.

Our complete machining capabilities include turning, milling, drilling, sawing, and routing. Please visit our materials page to see the list of the materials that we work with.

Mechanical fastening, solvent cementing, polymerizable cementing and hot gas welding are used to ensure that assembled pieces have the strongest integrity. Finishing and polishing techniques ensure that your product will look its best.

Our custom assembly procedures and setups combined with flexible production capabilities allow us to incorporate design changes in mid-stream, often without sacrificing delivery.

TuBro can help you increase resale appeal, improve profitability, provide better efficiency, and increase component life, with a wide variety of products, including Cabinets, Enclosures, Displays, Machine Guards, Dust Covers, Advertising Specialties, Tanks, Fume Hoods, Piping Systems, Instrument Cases, Museum Displays, and Point-of-Purchase Displays.


A recent acquisition by the TuBro Company has given us the ability to fabricate high quality acrylic domes and spheres. We acquired specially designed equipment exclusively manufactured to free blow spheres in sizes from 3 to 30 inches. Utilizing the free blow process and premium cast acrylic sheet, we can assure outstanding optical clarity. We can also produce them in a wide variety of colors.

TuBro specializes in Plastic Fabrication, Welding, CNC Routing, Vacuum forming and Thermoforming and Machining & Engraving.

Visit our materials page for a list of some of the materials we work with.