Brllianize for Motorcycles

BRILLIANIZE® is the #1 Rated* Motorcycle Plastics Polish and One-Step auto Detailer.

brillianize_bottle_spayKeep everything you need to keep your motorcycle bright in one small package.  One 8 oz. bottle of Brillianize and 6 Softkloths in a convenient resealable bag.  No need to look around for paper towels or old t-shirts.  Pull the kit from your saddlebag and start in on the always needed touch ups on that long road trip.  Get one for the garage to have handy at all times.

Brillianize is  famous for cleaning helmets & face shields, eyeglasses & sunglasses.  It is also great for windshields, fairings, plastic panels, gas tanks, gauges, chrome, anodized aluminum, stainless steels, titanium and carbon fiber.  According to Motorcycle Consumer News: ” Brillianize is the fastest easiest, slickest bike detailer around.  It won both our Plastic Polish and One-Step Detailer comparisons and with regular use, will keep your steed looking “Bad to the Bone.”

Brillianize gently cleans all hard plastics without scratching. It has no abrasives or harsh chemicals, and leaves a smooth, clean, grease-free shine.

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*Rated by Motorcycle Consumer News