Creative Variations for Display Cases: P-95 Acrylic Base

Acrylic Display with P-95 acrylic base

This picture highlights the creative uses of several different types of acrylic sheet. The cast acrylic sheet safely encloses the artifact while it provides a crystal clear view of the beautiful vases inside.

Instead of using a wooden base, a base made from P-95 acrylic is utilized.  P-95 acrylic has several advantages in this application.  The P-95 sheet reduces reflected light giving you a clear non glare view of the items.

P-95 acrylic is also perfect for hot stamping and silk screening allowing your copy to easily be printed onto the display base.  Finally, P-95 is translucent when back-lit, taking a standard display case and making it pop!  It provides color and depth that makes it contents stand out.

Please contact us with your questions regarding P-95 acrylic sheet or displays in general.  We would be happy to provide you with information and suggestions concerning your project.

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