A New Way to Manage Coffee and Cream

Our customer approached us requesting a new design for their Coffee/Condiment Holder.  It needed to hold various size coffee cups as well as stirrers, lids and sugars.  The previous design required an employee to take the entire unit to the sink for cleaning.  Unfortunately, it was cumbersome and sometimes the unit was broken in the process.

coffee/condiment holderWe decided to “lift” the condiment section and put it in an upper tier so as not to take up valuable counter space.  We designed a removable main section as well as condiment section for ease in shipping and cleaning.   Because of the removable piece design, it can be cleaned thoroughly without being moved to a sink area.  As you can see, the perimeter area has been scalloped so the customer can easily remove a lid.  The ends of the unit are for sugar packets and stirrers.

The unit can be used from all sides for customer accessibility.  Many customers can get their coffee at the same time.  Everything needed for their coffee is in one convenient location.

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