Custom All-access Coffee, Milk, and Condiment Holder

This custom Coffee, Milk, and Condiment holder is constructed out of clear acrylic.  We designed this for a customer of ours who needed areas for lids, stirrers, cups and flavors.  They also needed something that could be used from both sides of the counter. The holder has an area for cups, stirrers, sugars and lids, as well as a raised area to store powdered coffee flavor enhancers.  For easy cleaning, we made the unit so that you could take the internal pieces out to wash separately.

Custom Coffee and Milk HolderOne special component is the International Creamer Cooler.  It has a clear front so you can see the variety of flavors.  The International Creamer Cooler is made from expanded PVC to help insulate the unit.

The unit also incorporates a three quart milk holder that comes with ice packs.  The ice packs ensure the milk is always kept cold.

Lastly, a Syrup Holder keeps the variety of flavors conveniently located in one place.  It spins for ease of use and has an optional sign holder for marketing collateral.

If you need a custom point of sale solution, components can be purchased separately, or we would be happy to design a custom solution for you. Learn more in our Specialty Products: Coffee and Milk Holders, or call us at 1.800.673.7887.

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