Clear polycarbonate insertCustom Fabricated Immersion Bath

An immersion bath is used to hold fluid that needs to be kept at a constant temperature for research and testing purposes.  It can be fabricated from a variety of plastics, depending on the fluid in the bath and the temperature of that fluid.

In this case, the picture shown is a custom fabricated immersion bath made with 1/4″ natural polypropylene. The fabrication of the immersion bath begins as polypropylene sheets are cut to precise measurements to make up the pieces of the finished product.  Once the components are cut, they go through various processes such as strip heating to bend the polypro, and CNC routing to provide holes or slots for the insertion of mechanical instruments.

When the components are fabricated to the provided drawings, the welding process begins. The immersion tank is welded using polypropylene welding rod to match the polypropylene sheet. Once the welding is completed and the immersion bath’s dimensions are verified, each tank is water tested to insure that all welds are leak proof.

polycarbonate insertThe second picture shows an optional item for the immersion bath. This clear polycarbonate insert allows beakers to stay in the correct space within the bath. Using our CNC router, we can fabricate holes of multiple diameters for the insert.  Holes can be placed wherever needed on the insert.

If you need an immersion bath, or any type of plastic vessel but standard dimensions won’t do, please contact us.

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